Friday, November 12, 2010


Mr Market has become extremely optimistic in the last couple of months. Stocks of most companies are going up - some with valid reason and some just riding the optimism. This is always a trying time for investors like ourselves who look to invest in undervalued companies for the long run. Both the price to value ratio and the margin of safety for companies are near "uninvestible" levels.

However, I remain optimistic that Mr. Market will throw up some opportunities our way and I continue to look out for them. Below is the current list of stocks that I am tracking and reading up on. I hope to publish more detailed analysis on a few of them once the timing and valuation are reasonable:

1. Suzlon Energy
2. TTK Prestige
3. Hawkins
4. Blue Dart



  1. What do you think of Tinplate (TCIL)?
    Jay Samani

  2. Hi Jay. Not sure about Tinplate. have not looked at that company.

  3. Hi Moktan
    A very trivial question but how do you compute gain on your portfolio and stocks on a monthly / yearly basis. Given that we buy stocks at multiple points in time in the year, its not very straight fwd to find the yearly yield. Do you have an easier way?

  4. It's tricky. I guess the best way to do it would be to annualise the returns. To give a few examples from my portfolio:
    1. Original 1,000 shares of KavTel bought in Jan '09 - Annual returns =178%/2 = 89%

    2. 5,000 shares of KavTel bought in Feb '10 - Annual returns =52%/11 months*12months = 57%

    and so on.

    If we were to see what the returns were from 1/1/2010 to 31/12/2010, then we would have to see the market prices on 31/12/2010 and annualise the returns as on that date. Any other thoughts?

  5. Yeah... I do something similar. So basically take my investment amounts and dates (buys and sells) and then and equate the target growth rate to reach the NPV.

    This is too painful to do for individual shares or even for one year. All I can do is for the combined portfolio. That is why the question!

  6. thanks Kunal.. if you ever get a chance to look at the company, i would be interested to know your thoughts.

  7. Kunal,
    a friend of mine asked me to check out your blog.... i think its fantastic, the way u've broken dwn a company to its fundamentals,the simple way of explaining the company is brilliant

    I'm truly glad that Rahul asked me 2 check this out... looking forward to your next post...

    CHEERS!!!!! :)

  8. Hey Kunal,

    Just came across your blog through random surfing and i think it to be my best internet discovery ever. You have got the amazing investing sense, infact, one of the best I know !

    I read whole of your blog at one go. I was just wondering that why you are not regularly updating this blog. I understand that you might be busy with your schedule and commitments, but still i think, you owe a Corporate Social responsibility, and for that sake, u should keep up this good work and help novice investors like me.

    If you are interested, I would like to get in touch with you to sharpen my investing skills. If acceptable, then please let me know how can I reach you !

    Loads of luck


  9. Abhishek - Thanks. Please see my reply to the "Portfolio Update"